Local Control and Accountability Plan


Local Control and Accountability Plan and Annual Update

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Annual Update shall be used to provide details regarding local educational agencies’ (LEAs) actions and expenditures to support pupil outcomes and overall performance pursuant to Education Code sections 52060, 52066, 47605, 47605.5, and 47606.5. The LCAP and Annual Update must be completed by all LEAs each year.


Charter schools, pursuant to Education Code sections 47605, 47605.5, and 47606.5, must describe goals and specific actions to achieve those goals for all pupils and each subgroup of pupils identified in Education Code section 52052, including pupils with disabilities, for each of the state priorities as applicable and any locally identified priorities. For charter schools, the inclusion and description of goals for state priorities in the LCAP may be modified to meet the grade levels served and the nature of the programs provided, including modifications to reflect only the statutory requirements explicitly applicable to charter schools in the Education Code.

Community Prep Academy_LCAP 2015

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